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If one tickler is good, then TWO ticklers are better as Bella, Harper, Natalie, and Maya are tickle tortured in 4 amazing, intense, wild scenes of double team tickling! A garage sale surprise, a massage gone wild, aliens here to conduct a ticklish experiment, and a severe punishment on the X-Cross. BAREFEET, UPPERBODY, STOCKS, and more. Amazing!!

Bella Double Teamed

Bella is out hitting some garage sales, but picks the wrong house this time. Natalie and Harper trick her into sitting a “special device- with her arms overhead and her legs spread wide. Once she is secured tight, the garage door goes down and Bella is awake through the most ticklish nightmare of her life as she is double team tickled until she can barely breathe. Both bare feet attacked at the same time. Upper body tickled by two with fingers, feathers and more….unbelievable tickle torture for no other reason than just the pleasure of her two ticklers!

Harper Double Teamed

Harper got a “special- gift certificate for a massage. She finds herself strapped to the massage table with Natalie and Bella in attendance for her gift. She thinks she is in for a relaxing treat, but once strapped down, she finds out that this is revenge of the worst kind. There is no escape and she is SO ticklish. No amount of begging and pleading can stop this full body merciless wild attack on her bare soles, knees, ribs, thighs and armpits. There is a reason why Harper is one of our most requested models with her great reactions and amazing laugh!

Natalie Double Teamed

Ok….all you alien lovers….see Bella and Harper as officials from Planet X. They have beamed up Natalie to investigate what it is to be ticklish. She is the ultimate experiment for them as they poke and prod and taunt as they try to understand what it is to be ticklish. Of course, they picked one of the most ticklish girls on the planet who can barely stand to be touched without amazing reactions. They try feathers, electric toothbrushes, pipe cleaners and anything else they can use to do their experiment……..which seems to have no end in sight. Slow light tickling, hard and fast tickling, extreme tickling….poor Natalie can’t stand it, but they just want more and more and more…………

Maya Double Teamed

Sometimes working conditions just aren’t pleasing to everyone and when there is a bitch like Maya on the team, someone needs to teach her a lesson. Monroe and Kali are just the two to put Maya in her place. They trick her into getting secured on the X-cross. Once she is secured they let her know why she is REALLY there………..and then the torture begins. This is an amazing ruthless attack of Maya’s super sensitive upper body as she is helpless to only laugh and laugh as she is attacked with fingers, feathers, electric toothbrushes and more. No amount of apologizing or begging is of any interest to these ticklers. They are having too much pleasure in Maya’s ultimate torture.
47 Minutes

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