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OVER THE EDGE ~ Full Version!
Catalog No. 533EdgeFULL
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


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Introducing 3 NEW TICKLISH MODELS along with Harper and Maya as they are all pushed over the edge with merciless tickle torture! F/F, BAREFEET, UPPERBODY, REVENGE, and more!!

Harper’s Massage

Harper found a coupon for an ancient Chinese massage, but instead gets tickled tortured to the point of exhaustion! Sweet Asia says she will relieve stress, but Harper is confused the minute she is shackled to the massage table. Once Asia sees how ticklish Harper is, she tries to tell Harper that laughing is good. Harper is in agony and begs and pleads for her to stop, but there is no stopping this sweet, but intense merciless tickler!! Asia wants Harper to write her a good review, but Harper refuses and gets mad. Asia brings out the brushes and works her over…ALL OVER…until she agrees to write the review, but not before an amazing scene of tickle torture!

Massage Revenge

We are proud to introduce Asia in her first ticklee scene!! Once Harper is finally out of the bondage and Asia is cleaning up, she sneaks back into the massage parlor, chloroforms Asia, and then gives her a “massage- she will never forget, all the while mimicking her. Harper uses all the same brushes and has no mercy when Asia begs for her to stop. Asia has a contagious laugh and can barely catch her breath, but Harper just goes on and on…..on her barefeet and upperbody and everywhere else she can reach!

Luna’s Torture

Meet new model, Luna, who just can’t seem to come to work on time! Maya is a very stern boss and decides to teach her a lesson. Luna is strapped, legs spread wide, arms overhead, while Maya punishes her until she is pushed over the edge. Maya attacks Luna’s barefeet, knees, and upperbody. All Luna can say between fits of laughter is “Oh my God-, Oh my God-. Maya is having the time of her life and enjoys this session of tickle torture, but poor Luna can’t get it to stop no matter what she says or does. Feathers, electric toothbrush and more!!

Brooklyn’s Punishment

Meet new model, Brooklyn, as she wakes up on the bed and finds she is secured with wrist and ankle cuffs. Sahara, her roommate is pissed when she comes home and finds that Brooklyn has eaten her dinner again. Time to teach Brooklyn a big lesson and the best way is to do what Brooklyn would hate most…..tickle her! And she tickles her barefeet, and upper body mercilessly and relentlessly. Brooklyn has some attitude, but Sahara takes care of that. When she does start to repent, Sahara still won’t stop until she pushes this new model completely over the edge!!

Quickie with Maya

You all love ticklish Maya!! Watch as she is cuffed to the bed and tickled by Luna because she is sick and tired that Maya is rude….time to teach her a very ticklish lesson!
Luna totally attacks Maya’s upper body as she is tied helplessly to the bed. Despite Maya’s pleas, Luna then moves down to her bare feet. Maya promises to stop, but Luna does not stop! You will love this short but intense scene with Maya as she is tormented by Luna!!
47 Minutes


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