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Catalog No. 8T-32
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


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4 INTENSE revenge tickling scenes pushing Asia, Bella, Kali, and Sahara beyond their limits! All over body tickling, toys, restraints, and MORE in this tickle torture extravaganza!

Asia’s Nightmare

Asia is awakened to find herself cuffed at the wrists and ankles to her bed. Harper is there to teach her roommate a lesson. She is sick of doing all the dishes and wants Asia to pay. Asia is SO ticklish that this is her worst nightmare. Harper attacks her sensitive barefeet and upperbody as Asia rolls and squirms and begs her to stop in between wild fits of laughter. This sweet Asian model has a great laugh and reactions. Great close-ups of her toe action! First Asia tries to negotiate, but she is in no position to deal with relentless Harper. Then she’s sorry, but all of her apologizing won’t stop Harper’s merciless attack.

Bella’s Nightmare

Sahara comes home to find Bella asleep on her bed with an empty bottle of wine next to the bed. Bella soon finds herself cuffed to the bed. Sahara is MAD because Bella forgot to get Sahara’s clothes ready for an important date as she promised. Sahara now wants revenge, and revenge she will get. She knows how ticklish Bella is, and she goes after her all over with a vengeance. Barefeet, upperbody, knees and more as Bella twists and turns to get away, but to no avail. Sahara overpowers her with her ingers, feathers, pipe cleaners ….first slowly and then faster to be sure Bella gets the ultimate tickle torture. Bella begs and will do anything to get it to stop, but Sahara only wants to tickle her….and tickle her….and………..

Kali’s Nightmare

Kali forgot to have Harper’s coffee on her desk….again. Harper is fed up with Kali’s forgetfulness. If Kali want’s to keep her job, then Harper must teach her a lesson. Kali can’t lost this job, so she must submit. She finds herself in the stocks with her arms overhead. Harper slowly removes her shoes and starts tickling her with the stiletto heels exposing Kali’s very expressive and ticklish barefeet. Harper works her barefeet over like crazy and then attacks her knees and upper body. Kali begs for it to stop and promises to remember to be responsible, but Harper just can’t seem to hear her as the tickle torture goes on and on. AND….if that isn’t enough, Harper calls Maya in to help her and now poor Kali gets double-teamed in a vicious all over body attack! Amazing!

Sahara’s Nightmare

Brooklyn has a new massage table and offers to show Sahara what she has learned. Sahara wants to know why she has to be secured in wrist and ankle cuffs, but Brooklyn tells her it’s a new technique. Once she is secured on the table, then Brooklyn tells her really why she’s secured. It’s revenge time. Sahara keeps forgetting to give Brooklyn her messages and Sahara has VERY ticklish size 10 soles, now at the mercy of merciless Brooklyn. Brooklyn has all kinds of tickle toys, and brushes (including an electric toothbrush) to teach her a wicked lesson. Brooklyn also attacks Sahara’s amazingly ticklish upper body too. See Sahara shake uncontrollably as she is tickle tortured to the max. Sahara is so sorry …..but no apology will satisfy this angry tickler who seems to be getting so much pleasure torturing her roommate. Great toe action and close-ups!

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