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Catalog No. 8T-30
Manufacturer: PVCLIP


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Guido is the ultimate punisher……and he punishes by tickling. Wild, intense, merciless tickling on Harper, Kali, Maya, and Sahara in 4 super charged relentless tickle torture scenes of helpless victims secured in stocks, arms overhead while their BAREFEET, UPPERBODY, KNEES, RIBS and EVERYWHERE are attacked with fingers, feathers and more!

Harper’s Punishment

Harper is Tony’s girlfriend. Tony thinks she has been fooling around and calls in Guido, his most devious and merciless punisher. Guido knows how ticklish Harper is and intends to torture her wickedly until he finds out who Harper left the club with. Harper denies everything, but Guido thinks there is more to tell and he is relentless when he thinks he’s on to something. He has her secured in the stocks, with her arms overhead and he attacks her bare sensitive feet and her hypersensitive upper body. Fingers, feathers and the electric toothbrush drive her wild. Begging and pleading don’t work. How can she survive this…….or can she??????

Kali’s Punishment

Poor Kali finds herself in the stocks, with her arms overhead. Guido asks her why she thinks she is there, but she says she hasn’t done anything wrong. Guido thinks differently. Sweet little Kali won’t fess up to anything, so Guido begins a tickle torture session with her that she will never forget. He gives her a little break to ask why she is there, but she won’t talk………so instead he just attacks her with no mercy with his wild fingers, feathers, and electric toothbrush. CRAZY!! He goes after her upper body and her very ticklish soles. Kali has beautiful feet and they are so responsive. Great foot and toe action!

Maya’s Punishment

Maya’s turn in the stocks. Tony thinks she was stealing from the till………..and sends Guido in to find out why. She is helpless and at the mercy fo the most vicious tickler anywhere around. And…she is super ticklish. This is not a good thing for poor Maya. She starts off denying anything and has an “attitude-, but Guido knows just how to tickle her into submission. He goes after her bare sensitive soles, and her super ticklish upper body as Maya squirms and laughs hysterically. She wants it to stop but Guido wants what he wants, and he is definitely in control here! Poor Maya laughs and laughs until she is so tired……….

Sahara’s Punishment

Sahara is accused of trying to do a little “business- on the side and Guido is called in to take care of her in the most tortuous way possible. If you have seen Sahara, you know that she just can’t stay still when she is tickled. She wiggles and squirms as her feet and toes go crazy in reaction to being tickled. She can’t even keep her feet still when her upper body is being tickled….and Guido goes after her with a vengeance. She tries to get him to do ANYTHING but tickling….but Guido loves his job, especially when the girl is as ticklish as Sahara!

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